The extensive AWS CLI is quite painful to install on Fedora or RHEL since the API is moving so fast that is gets outdated quite quickly. Luckily, Amazon provides containers published both on AWS and Docker registries. Configuration is easy:

podman run --rm -it -v ~/.aws:/root/.aws amazon/aws-cli configure

AWS Access Key ID [****************xwcz]:
AWS Secret Access Key [****************CAC1]:
Default region name [None]: us-east-1
Default output format [None]:

Note the volume mapping, the configuration of the current user is shared with the container. If you want to keep the configuration separate, use a different directory.

Using the CLI is straightforward enough:

podman run --rm -it -v ~/.aws:/root/.aws amazon/aws-cli s3 ls s3://my-test-bucket--use1-ax4--x-s3/

Well, that was short.