So you pushed something that you did not mean to, huh? I have a simple solution for that, a global git hook that checks:

  • A push is not being made into a remote named upstream.
  • A push is made into remote URL containing your username.
  • A push is not being made into branch named main or master.
  • If you still want to push, you can use --no-verify git option to force it.
  • Or create .noverify empty file within a git repository to disable this.
  • Everything is just a single and global POSIX-compatible shell git hook.

Let me explain.

I name upstream repositories as upstream, you can do this with git clone -o upstream Then I almost always want to create a fork (e.g. on or internal and push into such repo, which I typically name origin. That is check number one.

Then most of my git repositories are hosted on, or similar sites where I use the very same username which also matches my OS username, lzap that is. So the second check verifies there’s lzap in an URL like

Finally, I almost never want to push into main branch, sometimes named master. On many projects we also used develop for the main branch, that’s the check number three.

You want this? It’s super-easy. Create an empty directory on your computer (e.g. $HOME/.githooks and drop my pre-push shell script. Make sure to give it executable flag. Finally, configure git to use it.

mkdir $HOME/.githooks
curl -O $HOME/.githooks/pre-push
chmod +x $HOME/.githooks/pre-push
git config core.hooksPath $HOME/.githooks

Make sure to review and edit my script, you will probably have a different preference when it comes to branch or remote names. Beware that git only supports executing hooks from a global directory (this case), or from git repository (.git/hooks). It’s always one, or the other. If you need to still use some project-level hooks, the workaround is to create global hooks that executes project hooks when they exist.

See it in action!

% git push
HOOK: Pushing to disallowed branch (main, master, etc.)!
HOOK: Use git push --no-verify to force this operation.
error: failed to push some refs to ''

If you want to force push, it’s easy help.

% git push --no-verify

Or create .noverify empty file in the git repository to skip all checks all togeher for a particular repo. Make sure to put this into your global .gitignore!

That’s all for today.