I have deployed a new blog theme named gokarna and my blog was converted from Jekyll to Hugo. It is still hosted on github.com but now instead of GitHub Pages, new (Beta) GitHub Action for Pages is used. I still use Cloudflare for DNS, caching and HTTPS termination. Please give it a visit and report bugs.

The new theme is way better than my previous one, it is clean and works on mobile without hiccups. The theme supports light and dark mode and automatically detect your preferred OS/browser theme, or you can switch it using the sun/moon icon in the top-right corner and your choice is stored in the browser local store.

I did a huge cleanup on the social front, gone are some weird links like Google+ and say hello to Mastodon icon. I also added “Buy Me a Coffee” since it was used in the original template.

The RSS feed was unchanged (/feed.xml) and hopefully it works fine and you can read this post via your RSS reader. You might experience some older articles to re-appear, but hopefully you will only see the last 20. Let me know if it works or does not via Mastodon!

This was all-weekend task, but luckily Hugo’s built in Jekyll importer worked like a charm. A small Python script and few shell scripts ironed out the details. There should be redirects from old links too. Hugo is great. Cheers!