After many, many manual cherry picks, I’ve decided to put together a short script. It’s fully interactive and hopefully self-explanatory.

[lzap@box foreman]$ git xcp
Looks like you want to cherry-pick, huh?!
Branch you want to pick INTO: 2.4-stable
Branch you want to pick FROM: develop
Allright, allright, here is the menu:
bb1a931b6 Fixes #31064 - sequence helper macro
089e232c0 Fixes #31830 - support children in SkeletonLoader component
ed70741fa Fixes #31882 - set ENC var hostname to shortname
6c3794cf1 Refs #31720 - Apply @ezr-ondrej suggestions from code review
d43eba522 Refs #31720 - address comments and add links
809e6eec5 Refs #31720 - Apply tbrisker suggestions
0cc6abbb4 Fixes #31720 - add first draft doc
648f72365 Fixes #31873 - Expose edit permissions in api index layout
9ad6b1a25 Refs #30215 - mark string for translation
24d2df594 Fixes #31855 - add ellipsis with tooltip for long setting values
Commits separated by space or enter to give up: 0cc6abbb4 809e6eec5 d43eba522
Hit ENTER to push, Ctrl-C to interrupt. See ya!

The script remembers the INTO and FROM selection (stores it in the .git directory) and it uses git stash to work even when there are some uncommited changes.