I know this has nothing to do with Linux, Fedora, Red Hat of Foreman, my typical topics on this blog, but my kid is looking for playing Minecraft on our PS4 with his XBox/Android/iOS friends and cross-play capability of Bedrock edition which is expected to appear on Playstation should do it.

I’ve spotted product number (PN) PS719344100 and barcode (EAN) number 711719344100 with item entitled “Minecraft Bedrock PS4” across many e-shops across Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary as well as alza.co.uk (Czech company operating in UK). Release dates varies, all of the shops have shipping date set to either December 3rd (alza sites, changed to 6th) or between December 6th and December 12th.

Some e-shops say it’s boxed version, some it’s electronic license. Some e-shops did put old (PS4) version cover, some used blank placeholder and there are few which made edits to XBox version cover adding PS4 logo on top of it. Speculation: they were not given official cover or graphics, but someone probably received “go” from the publisher for that region. They all know that many people are waiting for this and the race for preorders has started there.

I was able to complete preorders both on Alza.cz and JRC.cz. Let’s see. The release date on both e-shops was set to December 3rd, Playstation 25th birdthday, but it was changedboth. I can confirm that those four-five Czech e-shops from the list are legit, I’ve used all of them multiple times and I use Alza.cz regularly. Also JRC and XZone are gaming shops similar to “Gamestop” so that’s a sign that something is showing up. Speculation: Maybe not on 3rd of December, but probably it’s happening.

This post was originally on reddit.com but it was removed, it has been featured on ECKOSOLDIER youtube channel, at McBedrock.com site and multiple YT channels and articles actually. I have to say I’ve stumbled upon the alza.cz offer myself when I was browsing its PS4 sales but I need to admit I’ve found at least one other source that noticed a day before (on Sunday) after I created this post. So I was not definitely the first who saw this, I just realized there is a PN/EAN and googled it a bit more.

Also Google AdSense campaign for Target.com has been spotted too. Link is not (yet?) valid tho. Anyone can create such a campaign, but it costs money, it’s indeed interesting.

Finally, a physical copy picture was taken reportedly at Wallmart. The original tweet was made not available, surprise! I think I might have an extra Christmas present for my son.

The final speculation: I think the this December (early or mid) is a good release date as Microsoft don’t want to jeopardize XBox Christmas sales so they have scheduled it after Black Friday and after Christmas PS4 bundles announcement. Yet they want to have the title released before Christmas because this is going to be a hit for sure. Or maybe it’s coming for marketing reasons after Christmas in early 2020 and somebody got the info in advance. Only time shows.