Beware, there is a change in behaviour in yum. Example

# yum -y install vim blahblah

On RHEL7 it

  • installs vim,
  • informs about non-existing package blahblah,
  • error code is 0.

On RHEL8 it

  • errors out about non-existing package blahblah,
  • vim is not installed,
  • error code is 1.

This is an intentional change. As much as I hate it, I understand that it was the perfect time to do it :-)

Update your scripts, this will help:

# yum -y install --skip-broken vim blahblah

Take care. Oh, one more thing. You can also use yum --setopt=strict=0 install to get the old behavior and this is actually recommended by DNF developers, however I can hardly imagine remembering this thing.