Github Pages now supports Jekyll 3.0 which has some backward incompatible features, so I have decided to upgrade. I was quite surprised when I realized I am still using Jekyll 1.0 and everything was working great so far!

What’s great about static pages is you decide when you upgrade your site. There are no security updates, it’s just bunch HTML and CSS. Upgrade was smooth, I only had to do two configuration changes and one layout change. Looks like Github and CloudFlare is a great combo, thanks folks!

I would like to thank Adam Přibyl for his missing dates report. All posts now contain date and list of relevant tags in the bottom-right corner. If you miss anything, let me know via e-mail or Google Plus comments (do they even work? :-)

News? We are wrapping up Foreman 1.11 release and I bought small little Intel NUC box to do me network management (DHCP/DNS/Foreman) in the house. Well, it will likely provide also Kodi and Steam streaming if I decide to put it under my telly. So far, I am impressed (6 W idle).