Some time ago, I was trying to PXE-boot Fedora 20 LiveCD directly as a squashfs filesystem from TFTP server. It was not working, because one of the dracut modules was not included on the CD/DVD init RAM disk. I filed a bug, some time passed and it’s finally fixed.

Required steps to achieve Live Fedora from PXE:

  • download Fedora 24 Live DVD (or older)
  • extract squashfs.img
  • put it on HTTP site (/var/www/htdocs)
  • extract vmlinuz and initrd.img
  • install TFTP server
  • put them into TFTP folder (subfolder boot in my case)
  • setup DHCP and PXE
  • deploy PXELinux configuration (below)
  • profit!

Example PXELinux configuration:

default menu
menu title PXE
prompt 0
timeout 200
ontimeout local

label local
  menu label ^Boot from local drive
  menu default
  localboot 0

label fedora-live
  menu label Fedora Workstation LiveBoot
  kernel boot/fedora-live/vmlinuz
  append initrd=boot/fedora-live/initrd.img root=live:http://nas.home.lan/xxx/squashfs.img ro rd.luks=0

Boot Fedora Live from your network, install it from your network when your crying friends show up with their laptops upgraded to Windows 10. Do it like a boss. End of transmission.