I find this button pretty useless and I like That Was easy button. So the use is pretty clear. Download the sample:

wget http://mhwalkers.freevar.com/sounds/that_was_easy.wav -O \

Load the sample:

pactl upload-sample ~/.cache/that_was_easy.wav that_was_easy

This obviously works only for PulseAudio users. Always test before use!

pactl play-sample that_was_easy

Now bind this to the ThinkVantage button. In my case (i3 tiling windows manager) it’s:

bindsym XF86Launch1 exec /usr/bin/pactl play-sample that_was_easy

You can use xbindkeys program if your windows manager cannot handle this:

$ cat ~/.xbindkeys
"/usr/bin/pactl play-sample that_was_easy"

Have fun! :-)