As a ThinkPad X201 user, I was more than happy to check out new X220 model. At the first sitght it is still ThinkPad X-series. Similar size, feeling, quality. I am comparing my good-old X201 with this model 287-2SG.


  • The lid has no lock. Frankly, I found it annoying and didnt like it ever on all my ThinkPads.
  • Thank God the keyboard layout is standard with only few changes - bigger Escape key. Happy Vimmer.
  • Bigger Power button, smaller ThinkVantage button.
  • Much larger touchpad with macintosh-like "hidden" buttons. Even when I exclusively use trackpoint, it is very nice.
  • Quite silent fan under load, feels better.
  • Very fast BIOS, dunno what kind of technology is this, but few seconds saved everyday.
  • VGA and Display Port on the left side. At last!
  • Yeah, it has some faster components inside. And yeah, I dont really see any difference.


  • Display is not bad, but I was expecting a bit more from 12.5" IPS LED (1366x768). Standard angles.
  • I dont like bigger Delete key since Insert was moved to the left. Can live with it.
  • Power cord plug on the back side. I like it on the left more. Not a blocker.
  • Ethernet plug on the right side. Guys, most people are right-handed and ethernet cables are hard. Dont like it on this side.
  • USB ports swapped (two on the left and one on the right now).
  • Mic port is gone. Probably combined into the headphones. I am not sure how to connect my headphones and mic there.
  • Damn, incompatible UltraBay dock again! It has one more USB port, but this really sucks. Money, money, money...