I use teleconferencing quite a lot in Red Hat. Got Cisco VoIP phone on my desk and Linksys at home. These phones have an option to suppress volume once it detects silence on the line. This can be nice option but during teleconferences we use, well we have to use, mute buttons because sometimes there are so many people that background noise would kill the meeting.

I have discovered having this option turned on can be troublesome. It was causing my voice shreddered sometimes. In practice some words were disappearing forcing me to repeat. Today I did some tests with an echo service with quite suprising result. The Silence supp enable option on my Cisco-Linksys phone was causing this and by disabling it the problem disappears.

This is awesome. I mean when I unmute I want my device to transfer everything. When I plan not to talk I just mute. Simple rule. I also got my Plantronics headset working at home. Folks can enjoy my clear and sharp voice by next Monday. ;-)