I am using yum a lot. Everyday. Typing sudo yum -y is boring. Now, guess what.

$ alias | grep yum
alias ycu='sudo yum check-update'
alias yi='sudo yum install'
alias yli='sudo yum localinstall --nogpgcheck'
alias ypr='sudo yum provides'
alias yprw='sudo yum provides $(which $1)'
alias yr='sudo yum remove'
alias ys='sudo yum search'
alias yu='sudo yum update'
alias yut='sudo yum --enablerepo=updates-testing update'
alias yyi='sudo yum -y install'
alias yyr='sudo yum -y remove'
alias yys='sudo yum -C search'
alias yyu='sudo yum -y update'
alias yyyi='sudo yum -Cy install'

And here's the workflow.

Are there any updates for me?

# yum ycu

Install vim.

# yyi vim

Install gcc from testing repo, cos theres annoying bug fixed that drives me crazy.

# yut gcc

Install downloaded RPM package using yum.

# yli my_package

What package is /bin/bash from?

# ypr /bin/bash

What package is command "file" from?

# yprw file

And the most used - search for package vim.

# ys vim

Do you hate metadata dowloading everytime you issue a yum command? Use -C parameter or set metadata_expire=never in your /etc/yum.conf file. You need to update manually (just like with aptitute/apt-get). Well, theres outstanding yum-cron script for that. Just install it and it will do it for you. Just edit the /etc/sysconfig/yum-cron file and set DOWNLOAD_ONLY=yes if you need only metadata to be downloaded. Otherwise the system will be kept up-to-date.