I am happy to do one exciting announcement today. I just found out remix of my track On The Moon called Walz Into The Moonlight is featured on the most listened album on Jamendo across all coutries and all the time (as of July 2011). It's called Listen (track no 12). I released the original track on ccMixter in 2005, site for sharing audio content licensed under Creative Commons.

This is cool. This is real power of Creative Commons license!

Now, I have prepared special EP release featuring both tracks and I gave it name Walz On The Moon. The remix was done by chillout guru Tryad in December, 2006. As you can hear he kept the original mood, the piano line and also most of the original arrangement. His remix is a bit slower though. I tend to like it maybe more than my original one.

You can buy/support the album on Jamendo.com, Amazon.com, iTunes and many other on-line music stores. If you wan't the money in my pocket, buy Walz On The Moon EP from the link above ;-)

What you think? Write a review for me on the Jamendo or drop me a line here! Thanks.