There are some rumours about Intel D410PT Atom-based motherboard not working under Linux on the internet. Some user reported the board is not booting Linux-based CD-ROM, others are having problems with booting process getting stucked.

Ignoring the stuck boot process that is usually resolved by connecting a keyboard to the box the first problem has a simple solution. When product user manual v1.0 states it only support Windows XP/Vista/7 it does not mean there is no Linux support. The statement usually means the manufacturer (or the community) did not work on Linux support yet. This is the very same scenario here with D410PT.

The issue with stucked booting of linux-based operating systems was resolved in the BIOS version 0509. In addition Suse has certified this board even for the version 0187 so you should be fine with this distribution with even older BIOS.

I have tested mine with RHEL6 - BIOS 0512 combination. It's always a smooth boot. So the answer is yes. This board works like a charm under Linux. Go and get the latest and greatest BIOS and that's it.