Give us 25,000 USD and we will write amazing cloud-enabled open-source video editor for you.

Is this a dream, or reality? There is such a huge lack of full-featured video editor in Linux. We all know it. But rather then building new Adobe Premiere replacement for Linux, it is maybe better to define new approach.

Everything is going into the cloud today. We read emails, chat, edit pictures. Wait! Edit pictures? I could hardly imagine this few years ago. The next step could be video editing. The guys at Novacut know that. They have a great idea, and even prototypes.

And they are rising 25,000 USD now at They provide nice videos, examples, prototypes and, this is the most important, the overall architecture and main ideas. Translated:

Give us 25,000 USD to build cloud-enabled open-source video editor know how. It will be always for free, but could eventually provide commerical cloud.

Crowd funding is a great idea, but can we compare it with freeloading?

We can't!

If you want to build something, design software, draw a picture, the know-how will always be there. It's a side effect. Everyone can join the movement, help and obtain part of it. You may not like the idea of getting there "for free", but the guys already showed skill and enthusiasm. They already invested much, it's time for payback.

Novacut is a great project, and great idea. Support them now!

Crowd funding is not freeloading.