I play with yum repositories and ISO files very often, therefore it is vital to have such files and directories avaiable via local Apache httpd. I had this idea of mounting ISO files into directories and using these as yum repositories. I leveraged fuseiso program, but there's a trick.

Fuseiso works per-user by default and few steps need to be done to publish those directories under different (apache) user. The solution is to use allow_other FUSE option:

killall fuseiso 2>/dev/null
mkdir fuse
for D in *iso; do
fuseiso -n -p $D fuse/$D -o allow_other
sleep 0.3s

Uh, but wait!

fusermount: option allow_other only allowed if 'user_allow_other' is set in /etc/fuse.conf

Edit the file and resubmit. There you go!