My team is looking for skilled Ruby or Python or Java developers. We are also seeking graduates with Linux knowledge. Many open jobs for open-source projects that has something to do with cloud.

Bryan Kearney and Angus Thomas showing Katello, Aeolus and OpenShift at FI MUNI CZ.

Katello is here to help you take control of your software and your systems in an easy-to-use and scalable manner. It offers a modern web user interface that scales from a small setup with 10 systems to a large installation of thousands of systems across various geographies. Katello can pull in content from remote repositories, local directories and ISOs. You can then organize that content into repositories that are easily searchable, filtered, manipulated and controlled.

Katello needs Ruby and Python and SQL guys.

Pulp is a Python application for managing software repositories and their associated content, such as packages, errata, and distributions. It can replicate software repositories from a variety of supported sources, such as http/https, file system, ISO, and RHN, to a local on-site repository. It provides mechanisms for systems to gain access to these repositories, providing centralized software installation.

Pulp needs Python and Ruby and MongoDB guys.

Candlepin is a collection of tools which allow companies to manage software subscriptions. The subscriptions can allow users to access content provided by those subscriptions over secure connections.

Candlepin needs Java and Ruby and SQL guys.

Foreman is aimed to be a single address for all machines life cycle management. It allows barebone and virtual provisioning and flexible configuration management using Puppet.

Foreman needs Ruby and SQL guys.

Aeolus is software for running virtual machines both internally on your own equipment, and in Clouds from several leading vendors. All at the same time using DeltaCloud technology.

Aeolus needs Ruby and Python guys.

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