Extracting strings for gettext with Vim

Big news today, I will be working on Foreman open-source project from now on. Recently I was working on Katello - subscription and package management system.

The Foreman is a complete lifecycle management tool for physical and virtual servers. More info at http://www.theforeman.org

I have been extracting strings today from the codebase for gettext support. If you don’t know what that, let me briefly describe it. I need to convert all “strings” or ‘strings’ into the following format:

_("String with %s") % (parameter)
_("String with %{multiple} %{parameters}") % { :multiple => 'blah',
    :parameters => 43 }

To do that I have decided to create few macros/mappings for Vim. I guess it is quite self-explanatory.

" Helper vim commands for manual gettext string extraction. Following macros
" are optimized for Ruby language in the following format:
" _("string")
" _('string')
" _("One parameter: %s) % (param)
" _("Two or more %{param1} and %{param2}") % { :param1 => 1, :param2 => :xyz }
" To use this technique just source this file:
" source ./path/to/gettext_extraction.vim
" The workflow is simple:
" Search for "strings" and 'strings' using this key and use "n" key to find
" required string you want to convert
map <F12> /["'][^"]*["']<CR>
" Once a match is found and the caret is on the first quote, use one of the 
" following keys to wrap _() around
map <F5> i_(<ESC>2f"a)<ESC>2F"
map <F6> i_(<ESC>2f'a)<ESC>2F'
" If there is one parameter, you can create % () behind the string using this
" key
map <F7> mXf"f)a % ()<ESC>`X
" And then press this key to change the parameter to %s and move it into
" prepared braces
map <F8> mXf#ll"ndt}F#cf}%s<ESC>2f)"nP<ESC>`X
" If there are two or more params prepare curly braces behind the string using
" this key
map <F9> mXf"f)a % { }<ESC>`X
" And then pres this key multple times to rewrite #{xyz} params to %{xyz}
" params and move them into the hash { :xyz => xyz }
map <F10> mXf#ll"ndt}F#cf}%{}<ESC>"nPf%f}i:<ESC>"npa => <ESC>"npa, <ESC>`X
" Note if the params contains @ or @@ you will need to clean this out. Also
" the last macro leaves tailing comma - if you don't like it, remove manually.
" The typical key flow is:
" F12 n n n n F6 n n n F5 F7 F8 n n n F5 F9 F10 n n ...

Here is a link to my git where you can find the most recent version of these macros: https://github.com/lzap/vim-lzap/blob/master/macros/gettext_extraction.vim

03 April 2013 | linux | fedora | foreman
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