Spinning season has started

Just few years before I used to sping records in clubs, halls and festivals. I started with techno in ten years ago, then bought bunch of drum and bass plates, to collect house records just few years later.

These days I only play on my friends parties over the summer. It's relaxing and fun. And the time is finally here again. I am going to remove the dust from my turntables, records, headphones and other equipment now. This year I will be also introducing Stanton SC System 3 with open-source mixing software Mixxx running on Fedora 15. So four decks this year - two turntables and two fedoras :-)

Here is a small review of my old sets that have been recorded somewhere between 2004 and 2008. It's on-line for years. My post is just a reminder.

Let me start with drum and bass. I put lot of dnb sets on-line:

Are you into house music? I used to play it a lot, but I only have one older set online. But the good news is there are some tracks from free Jamendo.com site mixed in using my CD player. The set is smooth, easy listening.

Do you like techno? Well there's one schranz set on-line, it's a bit harder. Not so bad.

Wan't me to play on your party? Just call me. I am fuelled by beer. I prefer Litovel or Svijany, but you definitely won't insult me with Pilsner Urquell ;-)
15 June 2011 | fedora | sety | music | sets
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